Help for Heroes

A complete digital transformation

The impact of the global pandemic impacted many organisations in different ways, and for Help for Heroes, this meant taking the tough decision to close rehabilitation centres and halt in-person events. The funding was rediverted into digital services, with the ambition to create new ways for Help for Heroes to engage and support beneficiaries, and this started with creating a website that would become the new go-to destination for veterans.

Help for Heroes website screenshot

Working with our dream client

When the brief landed, the team at Giant couldn’t have been more excited. For a long time, Help for Heroes had been a dream client and the team agreed to pull out the stops to win this incredible organisation.

The Help for Heroes site shown on both desktop and mobile

Changing the lives of members of the Armed Forces community since 2007

A survey conducted by the RCGP and OVA found 55% of veterans have experienced health issues potentially related to their service since leaving the armed forces, and more than 80% have said their condition has become worse since returning to civilian life. This is where Help for Heroes makes the difference, supporting veterans and their families by giving life-changing support, no matter when or where they served.

Founded in 2007, today, Help for Heroes has supported over 27,000 veterans, and continues to support many more, who each day, reach out to the charity for support.

Striving for excellence from the word go

While the brief was to build a new website, the true requirement was so much more. Help for Heroes had recently undergone a rebranding exercise, however the existing website simply wasn’t doing it justice. A new site was needed and the challenge was set.

We assembled a blended team of our best experts:

  • Our product team who focused on ensuring the new site didn’t just look good, but was also intuitive to use and fully-accessible for every user – irrespective of their digital literacy. The team also completely transformed the information architecture, removing internal language and organisational structure to make the site more user-friendly.
  • Our engineering team, who integrated complex third-party platforms into the site, including Donorfy, DotDigital and Eclipse, to create a connected digital ecosystem that made the experience more seamless for its users and more effective for Help For Heroes.
  • Our creative team who combined the new brand identity with the very latest digital design trends to create a stunning, contemporary representation of the organisation across every device.
  • Our project team, who developed a bespoke workflow that ensured both the Giant, and Help For Heroes teams worked as one, and delivered a product everyone could be proud of.
The Help for Heroes site shown on both desktop and mobile

We like the impact to do the talking

8% increase in one-off donations

50% increase in regular donations

9% increase in ‘get support’ form signups

AAA accessibility rating for key recovery pages

20% increase in dwell time on recovery pages