Climate Impact Partners

High-fidelity design and engineering to create a platform for the future

Climate Impact Partners were looking for an agency that could provide a market-leading digital solution that would both delight its users, and create efficiencies for its internal team when it came to authoring, editing and publishing content on the organisation’s website. An extensive set of requirements, some being particularly complex, coupled with an active rebrand project and tight delivery timeframe. presented our team with a set of unique challenges – but it’s projects like this where Giant Digital really excels.

Climate Impact Partners website screenshot

A multi-faceted digital solution for action on climate

Climate Impact Partners were already in the process of creating a new brand positioning and identity, and had a clear vision for how to bring this to their audiences. From providing new self-service tools for organisations to understand their carbon output and how Climate Impact Partners could help, to ensuring all content was presented in a logical and visually engaging way that was easy for people to find and engage with.

The Climate Impact Partners site shown on both desktop and mobile

Ensuring a thriving future for all life on Earth

Climate Impact Partners believes carbon markets have a critical role to play in delivering action by putting a price on carbon and funding carbon reduction projects to meet our global climate goals. The organisation develops and delivers carbon financed projects and enables organisations to offset the emissions they can’t reduce, put a price on carbon to incentivise change, and meet their ambitious climate goals, with the goal to deliver over 1 billion tonnes of CO2 reductions.

From code to presentation, best-in-class was in order

There’s nothing our engineering team enjoys more than getting stuck in to a complex project that requires a range of different skills to create the best possible solution. Here’s a quick overview of some of the work that went into the new Climate Impact Partners website:

  • Building an extensive logic engine that sits behind the front-end of the site, with business rules and processes to help organise and deliver content and data in ways that make it easy for people to interact with
  • Creating a number of sales tools including a climate action tool that helps organisations understand their carbon impact and potential savings
  • Using GSAP animation tools to add an additional layer of finesse to the front-end
  • Integrating HubSpot to capture form submissions, enhancing the process to streamline how data is captured and delivered into Climate Impact Partners from its website
The Climate Impact Partners site shown on both desktop and mobile

We like the impact to do the talking

406% increased engaged sessions

140% increased average engaged time per session

39% increased engagement rate since launch

1525% organic search traffic increase