Creating a digital experience worthy of an incredible charity

Maggie’s is one of the leading cancer support charities, and despite the importance of digital for its ability to support people, the existing website simply wasn’t doing its job. As this was a re-platforming of an existing site, the Giant Digital team played particular attention to certain aspects such as content migration and mobile optimisation, which was particularly poor.

Maggie's website screenshot

Rebuilding from the inside out

Maggie’s had a well-established brand, and while elements of the existing site were liked, much of what existed under the bonnet wasn’t fit for purpose. Particular emphasis was placed on improving the mobile experience, ensuring the new version of the site worked beautifully across all devices.

The Maggie's website shown on both desktop and mobile

Everyone’s home of cancer care

Maggie Keswick Jencks used her own experience of having cancer to create a new type of cancer care. The first Maggie's opened in Edinburgh in 1996, and today Maggie's has grown into a network of centres built beside NHS hospitals across the UK, supporting thousands of people each year.

Levelling up across the board

While much of the project was focused on migrating and re-platforming the old site, we used the opportunity to make many additional changes and improvements through the process, which included:

  • Improving the donations experience by migrating Maggie’s to Giant Giving, our proprietary donations platform.
  • Writing a web crawler to capture and migrate existing blog content for enhanced SEO.
  • Setting up custom email workflows for form submissions to be directed to the relevant centre/services.
The Maggie's website shown on both desktop and mobile

We like the impact to do the talking

11% increase in mobile engagement rate

16% increase in mobile engaged sessions per user

99% increase in mobile specific event count