Help for Heroes Strive

The power of creative engineering

Help for Heroes came to Giant Digital with an idea for a solution that would provide its beneficiaries with tool that would aid faster rehabilitation, and also create an additional source of income. We were provided with the outline for the idea and told to bring our best creative minds to make it a reality. Strive was born.

Help for Heroes Strive website screenshot

Striving for the best

The idea behind Strive is that of a new fitness application, specifically designed to help veterans recover, through training and exercise plans designed specifically for them.

Already a client, we knew the best approach for getting the most out of the collective project team. Our experience with Help For Heroes meant we knew we could bring innovative thinking to the project and really push the client to build a powerful, feature-rich solution.

The Help for Heroes Strive website shown on both desktop and mobile

Changing the lives of members of the Armed Forces community since 2007

A survey conducted by the RCGP and OVA found 55% of veterans have experienced health issues potentially related to their service since leaving the armed forces, and more than 80% have said their condition has become worse since returning to civilian life. This is where Help for Heroes makes the difference, supporting veterans and their families by giving life-changing support, no matter when or where they served.

Founded in 2007, today, Help for Heroes has supported over 27,000 veterans, and continues to support many more, who each day, reach out to the charity for support.

The Help for Heroes Strive website shown on mobile
Various pages from the Help for Heroes Strive website

An entirely new way to aid recovery

Help For Heroes wanted to explore new ways to reimagine a digital recover solution, through enhanced content and a high-quality desktop and mobile experience. The new solution was developed in HTMX and includes:

  • High-quality video and animation assets providing users with the ability to easily understand exercises
  • Use of AI to create content specifically tailored to individual use-cases – such as for veterans with prosthetic limbs
  • Responsive pages that would easily adapt to a users’ device so they could access Strive on their mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Scalable hosting that would easily transition to an S3 setup in the future

Setting up for success

Strive is currently in Beta, so we don’t yet have results to show, however initial testing with veterans has received an incredibly positive response. We’re extremely excited about what the future holds and look forward to sharing the results as they come in.