HARP-F - Finding a new way to communicate impact and share learnings

The Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (HARP-F) is an innovative instrument funding humanitarian assistance in Myanmar. It is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO, previously DFID) and managed by Crown Agents. Working with local partners, HARP-F helps address acute humanitarian needs, builds resilience and reduces the vulnerability of populations affected by successive crises and natural disasters in Myanmar.

The Challenge: Aligning organisational purpose and digital presence on a deadline

With their 5-year funding programme drawing to a close, HARP-F found themselves with a grant-giving website that was unable to facilitate their new purpose: to demonstrate the impact of their work and share the important learnings they had accrued. A quick and effective solution was needed to replace it in order to meet strict project funding requirements. Keen to find a digital agency with humanitarian sector experience and strong technical expertise, HARP-F approached Giant Digital to redevelop their website.

HARP-F website

The Solution: Taking a flexible approach to deliver an urgently needed solution

The HARP-F project wasn't a standard website build from the outset - tight deadlines meant that there was often a need to find quick, simple solutions, rather than follow the standard, more structured website development process. We understood the need for urgency and embraced an alternative approach, using HARP-F’s highly detailed brief and our agile practices. Employing pragmatism and flexibility, our team worked closely with the team at HARP-F to develop a site that would serve their needs and act as a knowledge bank for future humanitarian programming, allowing them to share learnings and communicate impact.

HARP-F website

The key to success: Collaboration and communication

We were very fortunate that HARP-F had full internal backing for this project - everyone understood the importance of the new website and the need to meet deadlines. We worked as an extension of the HARP-F team, giving them full visibility of our progress, communicating regularly and collaborating closely to overcome any potential hurdles.

The result is a website that has enabled HARP-F to engage with stakeholders in a more effective manner. The simplified site structure ensures visitors are able to easily find what they need, despite the wealth of information available. New features in the CMS have allowed HARP-F to add a variety of rich media content, making their reports and data more accessible and impactful. And the integration of their third-party platforms to the new website have reduced administrative processes and ensured a more seamless experience all-round.

"Our new website meets our needs perfectly. We now have a logical site structure, clean design and straightforward CMS. Our platform incorporates our knowledge bank and integrates with Mailchimp and social media, to enable us to build and maintain our communications. The team at Giant Digital have provided us with an amazing website that will support our future needs and help us share the impact delivered by our local, national and international partners in Myanmar."

Bénédicte Walter, Senior Learning and Impact Expert at HARP-F

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