Hosting, maintenance and support

When entrusting your website with us, you can rest assured that reliability and security will be a given.

However, we’re also committed to making sure that our corner of the web is as green as can be, so ensure that our websites are hosted on energy-efficient servers, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Lady working on a laptop

Our European hosting partner is ISO 27001 certified for information security and operates to the highest standards to ensure your data’s integrity remains intact.

Energy generated to power their low-impact servers comes from renewable energy sources, which ultimately helps to minimise the environmental impact of the websites we host.

Maintenance and support

If there is one certainty with websites it is that, at various times, there is something which will require fixing or changing.

You may wish to adjust the colour of a button, add some new functionality or correct an error made by one of your team. Don’t worry, it happens, and we can be on hand to provide everything you need in terms of support.

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