Updating the online presence of one of the world's longest-established English language schools

Creating digital simplicity in a complex place

Helping the London School of English to increase conversions

The London School of English appointed Giant as its digital partner in 2016 to revamp its online presence. It approached Giant with an out of date and disjointed website. The previous site didn’t reflect the professional services it offered and other brands within the group were not receiving the attention they deserved. The organisation required refocusing in line with its newly evolved value propositions.

Getting under the organisation’s skin

We quickly formed a close partnership with the school and by working strategically during the Discovery phase, we were able to reformulate its target audience, immerse ourselves in the business and really understand its competition and primary challenges. The result meant we were able to confidently recommend a robust digital platform that met the needs of their potential customers and ultimately increase conversions.

The London School of English website

Multiple languages for multiple audiences

Traditionally the school had relied on agents from across the globe to communicate with students in a variety of languages and help with the application process. However, to drive interest in the school, course bookings and revenue, it needed to encourage more direct bookings. By dealing with more bookings first hand, it could increase its intake and improve efficiencies. To do this, we are translating the website into several languages, including Chinese, Russian and Swedish.

The London School of English website The London School of English website
The London School of English

Technology built to scale and embrace cross-selling

To give all of the brands in the group the attention they deserve, we needed to consolidate all of their assets and services into one site without complicating the user experience. To do this we used a tab system on the main London School Group parent site. These tabs navigated to areas dedicated to The London School Group, London School of English, London School Online and The London School of International Communications. These tabs followed the same branding, user experience and tone of voice to ensure continuity.

The London School of English website

Our Technologies

Utilisting the robustness of Django CMS we were able to integrate into Hubspot, Trustpilot and Eflex. We used Stripe for the payment gateway for London School Online to allow the the organisation to sell online courses and Schoolworks to grab the course prices, availability and booking part. These technologies integrate seamlessly and data is stored in the Django CMS.


Integration with Schoolworks

As part of the project, we integrated into Schoolworks - a school management system built on the Salesforce platform. Using the Schoolworks API we pull through course availability, location, package details, start dates, duration and fees. This streamlines the booking process to encourage more users to book directly with the school.

The London School of English website

The end result

Consolidating three brands into a single, but balanced online experience was tricky. The final result is a new experience that delivers the school’s online personality and reflects the experience you receive when visiting one of the schools. The new site offers more self-serve education and detailed information about the courses, answering commonly asked questions to help increase bookings. Since the launch of the website, we’ve continued to work closely with the school in making regular improvements and updates to the site.


Goal completions since 2016


Increase in mobile traffic since 2016.


Increase in website visitors from Sep 2018 - Sep 2019.

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