Vimal Patel26/08/21

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A wellbeing day for our team at Giant Digital

This summer we are doing something a little different to recognise the sterling efforts of our team during a unique and difficult period in all our lives.

While virtually all of our work time is spent on looking after someone else i.e. our clients, we also recognise the absolute necessity of looking after ourselves and our people.

This is why on Friday, August 27th, Giant is having a wellbeing day.

The idea is simple: Everyone will get a day to themselves to recuperate, reenergise, and come back refreshed. Whether that be spending more time with family, choosing a duvet day at home, or getting out to a favourite place, we want our team to take time away from their desk to enjoy themselves.

We want to show our gratitude in this way for all the hard work that has been put in, but we are also fully aware that the concept of wellbeing goes far beyond just one single day.

person balancing work and life on a seesaw

The dictionary definition of wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. We’d argue that the ‘or’ should actually be an ‘and’ because wellbeing is multi-faceted and complex.

You can be healthy, for example, but not necessarily comfortable or even happy.

Wellbeing covers multiple areas such as physical fitness and a healthy diet, our emotional or psychological state, friendship groups and shared values, relationships, our life’s purpose, increasing our knowledge and skills and our financial ability to meet our needs.

Yep, it’s pretty complex.

As a business, we know we can’t impact all of those areas for all of our team, but we can - and should - do our best to support where we can.

So, during our wellbeing day our team will be encouraged to:

  • Switch off the computer and take time away from their desk
  • Take time to themselves to relax
  • Do something that makes them happy
a family enjoying a walk in the forest

We hope it helps because we really want it to. 

Our people give us a considerable amount of their lives. It’s only right that we try to make that time as valuable to them as it is to us and to the charities we support.

We think that working for Giant contributes to their own values and their purpose.

We think that working for Giant helps in dealing with everyday life and makes people feel good.

We think that working for Giant creates supportive and respectful friendship groups.

About the author

Vimal Patel

Founder at Giant Digital


Vimal is Commercial Director and founding partner at Giant Digital. With digital expertise gained from over 20 years in the sector, combined with his experience as a charity Trustee, Vimal has a detailed understanding of the challenges faced by charities and is passionate about finding effective digital solutions that bring about lasting positive change.

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