Vimal Patel10/04/19

2 min read

Welcome to the age of rage donations

The age of “rage donations” is in full swing. As communities become increasingly divided over politics, terrorism and current events, people are turning to non-profits to vent their frustration. For example, following the US election, the American Civil Liberties Union received more than $940,000 in online donations from 14,000 people in a bid to revolt against Trump. By the following week, the figure rose to $7.2million from 120,000 donors. 

Managed sensibly, rage donations can be an extremely powerful tool but there is a fine line between embracing this new persona and wading into a world of political controversy. The art of storytelling is not new to charities; rage donations are fuelled by an emotive reaction to a story but this story is out of a charity’s control. 

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