Vimal Patel16/12/19

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The Giant story ...

We’re excited to share with you, the new Giant brand. 

As we continue to grow and expand our services we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed. 

Formerly FARM Digital, we have become Giant. We’ve changed our name to match our ambition. We’re the same people, continuing to deliver innovative next generation digital strategies and we’re adding new services to help organisations change the world for good.

This marks a new chapter in our ongoing mission to use technology as a force for good. Here we’ll explain why… 

The internet has become a divisive place. It’s noisy, with far too much opinion and too little fact.

It’s become hard to be seen or to be heard. The internet was intended to bring people and information together. Today, it can feel like it’s pushing us apart.

Over the last twenty years, we’ve seen this challenge first hand. That’s why we believe in creating a better digital society, one where the truth and our most important causes can thrive.

As part of Giant’s commitment to the global digital community, we work with ethical organisations. Working with those of you who share our ideals and care about the advancement of our world.

We champion these organisations, designing charity websites and other digital platforms.

We design and execute innovative digital strategies. We’ve been helping organisations operate more efficiently, helping them be heard, helping them gain the attention they deserve.

Using our extensive technical expertise and industry knowledge, we deliver ethical organisations the growth and the visibility they need.

So, we have one question for you. Isn’t it about time for you to stand above the crowd?

We are. Giant.

We are creating change through technology.

We are standing tall. Will you?

About the author

Vimal Patel

Founder at Giant Digital


Vimal is Commercial Director and founding partner at Giant Digital. With digital expertise gained from over 20 years in the sector, combined with his experience as a charity Trustee, Vimal has a detailed understanding of the challenges faced by charities and is passionate about finding effective digital solutions that bring about lasting positive change.

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