Jon Atkinson24/01/22

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We’re helping shape the future of the Django CMS

Our recent membership of the Django CMS Association is helping us shape the future of the Django CMS framework.

When we established our organisation over a decade ago, we carefully researched the various technologies and solutions available for creating flexible, creative and secure websites for our clients. We wanted a technology that would not only help us develop futureproof solutions for the charities we work with, but also stand the test of time too. There was a clear frontrunner for us from the outset, and that was Python-Django.

Today, all our websites are developed using Python-Django, and built using the Django CMS. Django CMS is an open-source content management system built in Python code and on the most popular Python framework, Django. It offers the ability to build any web applications quickly and efficiently and offers an extremely versatile and simple drag and drop interface for website owners, making it easy to manage and evolve over time.

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In 2020, the Django CMS Association was founded, to drive the ongoing development of this impressive platform. Members of the Association not only contribute to this development through their membership fee, but also have an opportunity to input into the future direction of the technology, by participating in technical forums and strategic discussions, as well as contributing to technical updates and future innovations. In this way, those with a vested interest in its success can help ensure it remains one of the best, most secure CMS solutions available.

As a silver member of the Django CMS Association, Giant Digital is helping support the platform’s longevity and ensuring it is developed to meet the needs of our clients, now and in the future. 

Giant Digital's Django CMS Association Silver Member badge

We now have the opportunity to share our vast Python-Django expertise with the association, and by doing this it will allow us to continue providing our wonderful charity clients with a solution that meets their needs now, and in the future.

We are very pleased and proud to have this unique opportunity to not only shape the future of the Django CMS, but also learn and share with fellow Association members from around the world.  

About the author

Jon Atkinson

CTO at Giant Digital


Jon heads up the development team as Technical Director and founding partner at Giant Digital. With over 20 years as a Python developer, he has the perfect balance of hands-on experience and strategic expertise when it comes to developing innovative and technically sound solutions for charities. He fully understands the importance of user-driven design to create engaging and effective platforms that deliver real impact.

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