We are delighted to announce that Jon Atkinson, Founder and Technical Director at Giant Digital, will be one of the expert speakers presenting at Djangocon Africa this November.

His presentation promises to offer some real food for thought in the realms of cloud computing, and lead delegates to question the notion that hyperscale clouds like AWS and Azure should be the default starting point for all deployment needs. Instead, he will delve into the often-overlooked alternatives, offering a new perspective on the topic.

The subject of this talk is drawn from recent experiences at Giant Digital, where Jon and his team completed the successful migration of approximately 100 live Django applications, moving them away from AWS and onto Giant’s own dedicated hosting environment. He’ll share learnings and insights from this experience, including how the project delivered:

  • Massively reduced complexity
  • Increased performance
  • Substantial cost savings
  • A reduction in carbon output
  • A team of far happier engineers!

It’s Jon’s hope that his presentation will open people’s minds to a new way of working, and demonstrate that there are reliable alternatives and more straightforward solutions out there. And that we need not chase that elusive 99.999% uptime that large scale cloud providers would have you believe is a critical success factor!

You can Find out more about Djangocon Africa online, or why not take the opportunity to see Jon and the many other wonderful expert speakers in Tanzania  - 6-12 November 2023 – tickets are on sale now!

Photo of the news article author, Vimal Patel

Vimal Patel, Founder at Giant Digital

Vimal is Commercial Director and founding partner at Giant Digital. With digital expertise gained from over 20 years in the sector, combined with his experience as a charity Trustee, Vimal has a detailed understanding of the challenges faced by charities and is passionate about finding effective digital solutions that bring about lasting positive change.