Claire Cullen07/05/21

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Giant named Tech Trailblazers at the 2021 BIMA100 awards

BIMA100 2021 award logo

We are very proud to share that our technical team have been named Tech Trailblazers for their digital innovation at the 2021 BIMA100 awards!

The BIMA100 awards, run by the British Interactive Media Association, celebrate 100 of the people who are leading the industry right now. They don’t just recognise great work and projects, but the leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and changemakers making an impact in the sector.

Our amazing team of software engineers and digital solution designers, led by Technical Director, Jon Atkinson, have been recognised for their approach to digital innovation in the charity sector. Jon actively encourages an open culture where the whole team can contribute ideas and solutions, fostering an environment where technical innovation flourishes.

The award winning Giant Digital Team

Every member of the team is able to use their technical knowledge to bring new ideas to the table that will benefit Giant Digital’s third sector clients. This drive towards technical innovation is helping empower charities to not only survive but thrive in the present time, and this is something we are very proud of.

On hearing news of the award, Jon said:

“I couldn’t be prouder of the whole team. It is great to see them receive the recognition they deserve for their creativity and dedication. They bring real value to our charity clients and very much epitomise the term ‘Tech Trailblazers’. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for Giant and the positive impact we can make with our digital innovations”.

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Claire Cullen

Marketing Director at Giant Digital


Claire is Marketing Director at Giant Digital. With a background in charity and non-profit marketing, she has over 20 years’ experience in strategic and digital marketing, leading campaigns, communications, web development and branding projects. Claire now leads the marketing function at Giant, applying her expertise in the development of events, content and communications to support those working in the third sector.

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