Vimal Patel27/09/21

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Giant joins the Ecologi climate campaign

We’ve always been passionate about ensuring that at Giant, we make a conscious effort to minimise our impact on the planet. 

Being a digital agency, we are fortunate that the way in which we work, and the solutions we produce are fairly low impact by their very nature. However, we never take this for granted and always endeavour to go a step further. Last year we became a carbon negative organisation through ClimateCare’s carbon offsetting scheme, and today we took another step in our journey towards becoming a low-impact, sustainable organisation. And in true Giant Digital style we did it with a little added tech flair!

This year we have chosen to work with Ecologi, so for every digital deployment we make for our charity clients we will be donating a tree, that will be planted in areas of the world where they are most needed. And of course, being a team of digital experts, we’ve found a smart way to trigger this each time we deploy a feature, so the whole process is fully automated.

person planting a tree

Ecologi is an environmental organisation whose goal is to help millions of individuals and businesses have a positive impact on the environment and climate through the planting of trees. Their aim is to help restore our planet and remove 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040, and plan to achieve this is through the collective action of millions of people funding climate solution and tree planting projects across the world.

We are very proud to be part of such a positive scheme, and excited to be contributing to a greener planet in our own small way.

If you would like to know more about Ecologi and their work, you can find out more here.

To see how our forest is progressing or to donate additional trees, please do visit the Giant Digital Ecologi page.

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Vimal is Commercial Director and founding partner at Giant Digital. With digital expertise gained from over 20 years in the sector, combined with his experience as a charity Trustee, Vimal has a detailed understanding of the challenges faced by charities and is passionate about finding effective digital solutions that bring about lasting positive change.