Giant Digital, a leading digital website design and build agency for nonprofit organisations, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the contract to redesign and build the new website for The Daily Mile Foundation (supported by INEOS), a charity focused on improving the health of children across the world by increasing opportunities for physical activity within the school day. 

The Daily Mile, a transformational model for increasing physical activity within schools, founded by former headteacher Elaine Wyllie MBE in 2012, aims to improve the physical, emotional, and social health and well-being of children regardless of age or personal circumstances. The charity, which has seen immense engagement with schools globally, is supported by INEOS and reaches millions of children in thousands of schools worldwide.

Giant Digital’s selection for this high-profile project underscores its reputation for delivering cutting-edge digital solutions and reflects its commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in website design and user experience.

The new website will feature a modern, intuitive design and enhanced functionality to provide users with a seamless experience that will cater for a broader range of audiences.

Giant Digital’s innovative approach and dedication to quality will ensure that The Daily Mile Foundation’s new website becomes a vital resource for encouraging children to embrace physical activity and adopt healthier lifestyles and will provide The Daily Mile Foundation with the tools to support the ongoing growth and expansion of the organisation.

About Giant Digital: 

Giant Digital is a leading digital agency working in the charitable, ethical and sustainable sectors. With a deep commitment to making a positive impact, the company provides strategic digital marketing solutions that help these organisations reach their goals and engage with their audiences effectively.

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About The Daily Mile:

The Daily Mile was first developed by Elaine Wyllie MBE when she was Headteacher of St Ninian’s Primary School in Stirling, Scotland in February 2012.

Since 2016, The Daily Mile has been supported by global chemical company INEOS, which has enabled the free initiative to grow globally helping millions of children to get active every day. The initiative is simple – but can be transformational to children’s health and wellbeing. It involves classes heading outside to run, wheel or walk around the school grounds for 15 minutes every day, at whatever pace suits the child best. It gets children active with their friends and teachers and refreshed for further learning.

The Daily Mile is free, fun and fits in the school day easily. Though named “The Daily Mile” (as children tend to average running a mile in the 15 minutes), the distance isn’t compulsory, and the ethos of the scheme is of inclusivity, enjoyment, and self-improvement over time. The Daily Mile is intended to help all children, no matter their age, ability, or personal circumstances, enjoy getting active every day – getting fitter and healthier now, but also developing healthy habits for a lifetime.

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Simon Evans, Customer Success Director

As Customer Success Director and founding partner at Giant Digital, Simon champions the importance of great service delivery and customer care. From website build to post-launch maintenance, Simon understands the need for clear and regular customer communication to ensure projects meet the needs of charities and stay on track and within budget – two extremely important factors for charity-funded websites.