Giant Digital, a leading digital agency specialising in the charitable, ethical and sustainability sectors, proudly announces the successful launch of an innovative website for Walking With The Wounded. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing the digital presence of a prominent charity dedicated to empowering armed forces veterans, reigniting their sense of purpose, and facilitating their transition to independent and fulfilling lives within their communities.

Walking With The Wounded, a trailblazing charity committed to supporting armed forces veterans, has joined forces with Giant Digital to revolutionise their online platform. The new website is designed to be an empowering space that serves as a beacon of hope, guidance, and opportunities for veterans seeking to reintegrate into civilian life.

This ground-breaking website launch is a testament to Giant Digital's commitment to creating impactful digital solutions for organisations driving positive change. The newly launched platform boasts an array of features geared towards supporting veterans, including:

  • Comprehensive Resources: Easily accessible information on services offered by Walking With The Wounded in Employment, Care Coordination and Mental Health.
  • Personal Stories of Triumph: Compelling narratives and success stories of veterans who have benefited from the charity's support, inspiring others on their journey.
  • Featured events, allowing fundraisers to engage with the charity across a range of exciting and adventurous endeavours.
  • Easy Navigation and Accessibility: A user-friendly interface designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring veterans can easily navigate the site.

The launch of this website is poised to significantly augment Walking With The Wounded's ability to reach, engage, and support armed forces veterans. By offering a user-centric digital space, the charity aims to empower veterans, enabling them to make substantial contributions to their communities and regain a sense of purpose and independence.

About Giant Digital:

Giant Digital is a leading marketing agency that specialises in charitable, ethical and sustainable organisations. With a deep commitment to making a positive impact, the company provides strategic digital marketing solutions that help these organisations reach their goals and engage with their audiences effectively.

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About Walking With The Wounded:

Walking With The Wounded is a charity committed to empowering armed forces veterans by reigniting their sense of purpose, facilitating their reintegration into civilian life, and enabling them to lead independent lives within their communities. The charity provides vital support services, training, and opportunities for veterans. For more information, please visit:

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