Giant Digital, a leading UK-based digital agency renowned for its expertise in accessibility and innovative web solutions, has been awarded a contract to redesign the website for British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF), a prominent national charity dedicated to improving the lives of people living with sight loss through audio technology.

The collaboration between Giant Digital and BWBF marks a pivotal moment in the charity's digital strategy, aiming to enhance its online presence and significantly improve accessibility for its primary audience – users with sight loss. This partnership underscores the growing importance of inclusive digital design in the non-profit sector and highlights Giant Digital's position as a frontrunner in creating accessible online experiences.

Giant Digital has built a strong reputation for developing cutting-edge, user-friendly websites with a particular focus on accessibility. The agency's portfolio includes a diverse range of clients from various sectors, but their specialisation in creating inclusive digital environments has made them a natural choice for organisations serving individuals with disabilities.

The redesign project will involve a comprehensive overhaul of BWBF's current website, implementing the latest accessibility standards and technologies. Key features of the new website will include:

  1. Screen reader compatibility 
  2. Keyboard navigation optimisation 
  3. High contrast mode and customisable text sizes 
  4. Simplified layouts for easier navigation 
  5. Audio descriptions for all visual content 
  6. Integration with BWBF's existing audio services

Sophie Jones, Chief Executive Officer at BWBF, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration:

The project is set to commence immediately, with an expected launch 2025. Throughout the development process, Giant Digital will work closely with BWBF and members of the visually impaired community to ensure that the new website meets the highest standards of accessibility and user experience.

This collaboration between Giant Digital and BWBF represents a significant step forward in digital inclusion for the visually impaired community in the UK. It serves as a model for other organisations looking to prioritise accessibility in their digital presence and underscores the importance of specialised expertise in creating truly inclusive websites.

About Giant Digital:

Giant Digital is a leading digital agency working in the charitable, ethical and sustainable sectors. With a deep commitment to making a positive impact, the company provides strategic digital marketing solutions that help these organisations reach their goals and engage with their audiences effectively.

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About British Wireless for the Blind Fund:

At British Wireless for the Blind Fund, we believe access to audio can be life changing for someone living with sight loss. We give radios and other audio devices for free and for life to people living with sight loss in the greatest financial need. And our easy-to-use apps and skills unlock a world of audio content on the internet for people who might otherwise struggle to access it.

For more information about British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF), please visit:

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Simon Evans, Customer Success Director

As Customer Success Director and founding partner at Giant Digital, Simon champions the importance of great service delivery and customer care. From website build to post-launch maintenance, Simon understands the need for clear and regular customer communication to ensure projects meet the needs of charities and stay on track and within budget – two extremely important factors for charity-funded websites.