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February: #KnowRaynauds

February is Raynaud’s Awareness Month and our client, Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK (SRUK) is campaigning to raise awareness of the condition. 1 in 6 people in the UK live with Raynaud's, a condition that affects the blood supply to certain parts of the body - usually the fingers and toes. However, it is still severely misunderstood. 

In fact, more than three quarters of the population have never even heard of Raynaud’s, yet it is estimated more than 10 million people are suffering with symptoms. A recent survey carried out by SRUK identified that 35% of the respondents believe Raynaud’s is contagious; with 20% frightened to touch someone affected by Raynaud’s. This could not be more wrong and highlights some of the difficulties around education in the non-profit and healthcare sector. 

In 2017, SRUK called on everyone to unite and create a world where there is much greater awareness and understanding of Raynaud’s condition and its impact, a world where diagnosis happens earlier and much better treatment and care is available to everyone who is affected. To do this, we worked with SRUK to produce an online test for people that suffer Raynaud’s symptoms to receive diagnosis and advice in real time. 

The test consists of five questions relating to Raynaud’s symptoms - if each question is answered yes, the user is encouraged to contact their GP. In 2017 the test was taken by 4,615 people with 92.5% of people receiving a result of Raynaud's. This February, SRUK is aiming to reach even more people. 

SRUK relies heavily on its digital activity to raise awareness and educate its audience on Raynaud’s. Plagued by a lack of understanding, SRUK needed an interactive tool that users could engage with as a means of screening symptoms. Raynaud’s symptoms are often overlooked as bad circulation or an allergy to the cold, however, discolouring and tingling in fingers and toes could suggest a more serious underlying condition. 

The Raynaud’s online test is simple but effective. We are increasingly being approached by pioneering charities that want to catapult their digital presence. If your cause is in need of digital activation, contact us today. 

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