At Giant Digital, we're on a mission to make a meaningful impact for charities through smart technology and collaborative teamwork.

Today, our production team gathered in Manchester to focus on how we can enhance our project processes to deliver greater value for the charities we partner with. We delved into the details of improving the process of turning creative ideas into a tangible website. Our main goal? Using technology thoughtfully to make our clients’ experience with us even better.

Our day started with a look at a cool new feature in Figma called "Developer Mode." It's a game-changer that allows our designers to create visually stunning designs that are ready to be transformed into a real, functional website. Think of it as a magic wand that translates design into code, making it easier and faster for us to bring your vision to life.

We spent some time talking about how we can make life simpler for our engineering team and ensure that the translation from design to a live website is seamless. This discussion wasn't just about the technicalities though; everyone from our product and engineering teams to our Technical and Operations Directors shared ideas on how we can enhance the process.

We discussed how we can leverage "Developer Mode" to simplify our handover process, maximise quality and remove ambiguity by creating designs that work seamlessly on phones, tablets, and computers without any hassle and ensuring our client’s websites look fantastic on every device.

At Giant Digital, we're committed to continuous improvement and finding innovative ways to work together by using tools like Figma's "Developer Mode" and we're dedicated to delivering outstanding websites that amplify the impact of the charities we partner with.

Photo of the news article author, Lalita D'Cruze

Lalita D'Cruze, Operations Director at Giant Digital

Lalita is Operations Director at Giant Digital and works across every part of the business to ensure each of our projects runs smoothly. As a PRINCE2 Agile specialist, she makes sure that our clients receive the best possible service, to agreed time and budget requirements. Lalita is also a champion for learning and development and EDI within the organisation, ensuring our team members have every opportunity to develop and progress.