Simon Evans15/12/20

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Christmas 2020: A campaign build-up like no other

The Christmas advert has become quite the event over recent years with brands tapping into the festive feel-good factor.

Instead of product-led ads, and following in the footsteps of John Lewis, the big names have made us laugh or made us cry through short stories such as The Bear and The Hare.

And then along came 2020.

At the start of the year, early discussions about 2020 Christmas campaigns were likely around heart-warming stories of how people could still come together despite their formal union coming to an end.

Now, with us all being urged to keep well away from others, the Christmas campaigns have been influenced by covid with brands adopting quite different approaches.

A helping hand for charities

Marks and Spencer were one of the first big names to disclose their hand, announcing in early November that it was ready to donate at least £2million to a number of charities.

Nine celebrities, including Olivia Colman and Tom Hardy, being used for the store’s Christmas campaign have chosen three charities each to benefit from a £1m pot, which will also be shared among a further 10 charities selected by staff. 

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