We're thrilled to announce that two outstanding women from team, Gaby Frylinck and Lalita D'Cruze, have been shortlisted for this year's prestigious Women in Tech Awards.

These awards play a pivotal role in recognising and celebrating the remarkable contributions of women across the tech industry, inspiring the next generation of female leaders in the field.

Gaby Frylinck, a Product Designer at Giant Digital, stands as a nominee for the 'Rising Star of the Year' award. Her journey in the tech industry was fuelled by a determination to bridge the digital gap during the pandemic. Gaby uses her creative skills to assist organisations in transitioning seamlessly to the online world and providing charities with an engaging platform with which to amplify their reach. 

Gaby's commitment to accessible design shines through her work, promoting inclusivity and efficiency for all users, inspired by her unique perspective as a dyslexic designer.

Lalita D'Cruze, Operations Director at Giant Digital, is shortlisted for 'Digital Leader of the Year.' Her leadership revolves around trust, autonomy, efficiency, and outcomes. Lalita fosters an environment where colleagues feel empowered to share ideas, resulting in improved problem-solving and unity.

Her leadership has led to increased innovation and a 10% boost in client satisfaction scores in the last year, but her impact also extends beyond the workplace.  She led a cross-functional agile team to deliver a critical charity website in record time, enabling the charity to help a greater number of people in need.

Her top tip for women entering the tech field? Don't fear risks, ask questions, and expand your knowledge.

Both Gaby and Lalita advocate for diversity and inclusion and together, they exemplify the spirit of the Women in Tech Awards as inspirational role models. We couldn’t think of two more deserving team members and are keeping everything crossed for them when the awards are announced on 23rdNovember in London.

Photo of the news article author, Jon Atkinson

Jon Atkinson, CTO at Giant Digital

Jon heads up the development team as Technical Director and founding partner at Giant Digital. With over 20 years as a Python developer, he has the perfect balance of hands-on experience and strategic expertise when it comes to developing innovative and technically sound solutions for charities. He fully understands the importance of user-driven design to create engaging and effective platforms that deliver real impact.