Ellie Bird04/05/20

2 min read

Alt+ Webinars: Altruism 2.0

On 28th April, the Alt+ community joined us for the latest instalment of Alt+ Webinars to explore our take on the post-pandemic world. 

 It is no secret that Covid-19 is forcing industries across the globe to rapidly adapt and the Third Sector is no different. In 2020, a new social narrative is born. In the session, ‘Altruism 2.0’, we explored how altruism might evolve during this difficult time and into the future.

Alt+ webinars

We looked beyond the immediate challenges to consider the mid-term and, most importantly, the long-term strategies the third sector should consider in order to both survive and prosper in the new world.

The framework covered:

Horizon one: Pandemic Pivoting

Horizon two: Normalcy

Horizon three: Altruistic Entanglement

Watch the full session here. 

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