Ellie Bird20/05/20

2 min read

Alt + Thought Experiment: The Giving Brain

Yesterday, we hosted the latest Alt+ Thought Experiment on the digital donor experience. With our behavioural landscape changing rapidly, we discuss the importance of charities ability to use optimised donation experiences to increase engagement. 

The Giving Brain

In this session, we discussed how charities can maximise digital fundraising by understanding the associated behaviours and motivations behind donations and take a cheeky look at how these behaviours work IRL. 

We talked about the correlation between digital interactions and the way we act in real life, and how being mindful of this, can significantly improve the donor experience.

The talk covers five behavioural factors that we feel play an increasingly important role in digital donations:

  • Proximity to cause 
  • Proximity to social judgement 
  • Reducing cognitive load
  • Creating a better transaction 
  • Altruistic reciprocity 

You can watch the full session here. 

If this inspires you to think differently about your digital donation experience or if you’d like to discuss any of your challenges in more detail, please contact us. 

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